Transforming Business with Powerful Computer vision AI

Speed. Scale. Accuracy

Custom and Pre-trained models

AIMonk Platform has numerous pre-trained models which can be fine-tuned and customized with your data.

Continuous Learning Systems

Models are deployed in a continuous learning setup so they continously learns from new data to get better.

State-of-the-art and Scalable Technology

AIMonk platform uses the state-of-the-art deep learning technology even in the fast evolving tech landscape.

Remotely Managed Local Visual Intelligence

Secure computer vision systems

In an increasingly unsafe world for internet, sending all your camera outputs to a cloud for processing can be scary. Even the most secure systems keep getting compromised leading to loss in consumer trust and loss of business. 

With AIMonk Platform, it’s possible to deploy computer vision solution on your premise and yet managed by us remotely as quick as a Saas solution. 

Also, you reduce your carbon footprint by avoiding huge long distance data-transfer to the cloud

Key Use Cases

AIMonk computer vision platform supports many powerful use-cases.

Facial Recognition

State of the art Face Detection, verification and recognition technology

Intelligent OCR

Template free Extraction of miliions of receipts everyday automatically

Image and Color Search

Snap and Search for E-commerce. Custom Image and color search technology.

Auto Tagging

Enrich your Visual content by generating searchable tags

Content Moderation

Identify not-safe-for-kids content at scale

Video Analytics

Enterprise grade visual analytics for campuses and office.

Data Driven Insights Using Facial ANALYTICS

UnoWho Facial Recognition Engine

Facial Recognition and Demographic Analytics to back your decision making with data driven insights using our cloud APIs.

Integrate Face Recognition and analytics on your own servers for sensitive data. Data never leaves your premise, enjoy complete data privacy, and security.

Start building next generation cusomer experiences and understand your customers better with complete peace of mind.

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Real Time Sports Analytics

Facial Recognition for Employee Attendance

Shooter Identification

Visual Search Engine for Fashion Discovery

Automated Extraction of mulitple fields from User generated Receipts

Visual Recognition of HandBags

Overflowing Bin Identification and Alert

Abandoned Object Detection

Automatic License plate Reader


Ankit Sachan

CEO, Founder

Ankit Sachan is a serial entrepreneur and an expert in building scalable Deep Learning solutions that work for real-world problems. He is an alumnus of IIT Kanpur.

Koustubh Sinhal

CTO, Founder

Koustubh Sinhal is an expert in Deep Learning and computer vision technology with extensive experience
 and multiple patents in his name. He is an alumnus of IIT Kanpur.

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